Vision & Mission of KarnatakaOne

Vision & Mission of KarnatakaOne


  • Promote Planned, and sustainable development of Technical Education in the State consistent with National and State policies.

  • Design need based programs for Diploma institutions and ensures adequate human resource and infrastructural facilities for effective delivery of the curriculum.

  • Ensure objective evaluation and certification systems for students, programs and institutions.

  • Collaborate with AICTE, MHRD, NITTTR, Universities, industries and other employer agencies and Directorates of other states.

  • Plan long term and annual budget allocations for Technical Education sector of the State and ensure proper distribution and optimum utilisation of funds.

  • Provide opportunities for all-round development of students and staff and also provide placement, grievance redressal and counseling services.

  • To maintain good relations with the public and all institutions by being responsive to the needs of its stake holders.


"The Directorate of Technical Education ensures a planned development of technical education in the State consistent with the policies of the State and the Nation. We are committed to provide need based, quality technical and professional human resources to the industry, business and community. We will achieve our mission by".

  • Developing and maintaining high quality institutions which will be responsive to the felt needs of the community.

  • Encouraging development and delivery of flexible and state of the art programs in informal and non-formal modes, for the needs of youth and adults.

  • Building a system that is efficient and responsive to the changing needs of industry and community.

  • Adopting professional and participatory type of management.

  • Assigning high priority to serve the educational needs of women, physically challenged persons, rural population and socially and economically backward persons.

  • Strengthening student placement and career guidance services.

  • Encouraging and supporting the implementation of environment development activities.